4B Watches - The Story

4B Watches - The Story

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BLACK BY BLUE BRAVE (4B Watches) is a fashion watch brand founded in Singapore. Our founder transforms bold and innovative ideas into watches with modern, colourful, and professional elements by combining his constant pursuit of distinctive design with many years of experience in the watch industry. Merging a modernist aesthetic with unique ideas, 4B Watches’ design philosophies break the mould of traditional watchmaking and are a testament to our passion and commitment to you.

Our watches have appeared in multiple major magazines and are the choices of many famous Asian celebrities – Hannah Quinlivan 昆凌, Angela Chang 张韶涵, Vic Chou 周渝民, Zhu Zhengting 朱正廷, etc. In addition, 4B Watches has collaborated with international superstars, such as the world-renowned Korean boy band – BIGBANG, with our limited edition 4B X BIGBANG10 ATOZ watch collection.

Our products exude the 4B principles we hope to imbue in everything we do:





BLACK BY BLUE BRAVE proudly represents these values in our elegant and refined product collections, aiming to be the perfect companion to your fashion style.

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