Singapore Mahjong, an age-old pastime that exudes joy and cultural significance, is the inspiration behind the MAHJONG collection. We've meticulously crafted every aspect of this timepiece to pay homage to this beloved tradition, with a design theme that is an ode to the captivating world of mahjong. The watch dial is composed of meticulously chosen mahjong tiles. Each time marker is adorned with iconic mahjong motifs, conjuring the very essence of this cherished game. Gracing the top of the dial are the auspicious characters "发发发," symbolizing good fortune and prosperity—an embodiment of well wishes. The strap, too, embraces the mahjong theme with a meticulously crafted tile design. Flip the watch over, and you'll uncover an an intricately etched mahjong tile design on the case back that matches the dial. Every detail has been lovingly conceived and refined, resulting in a timepiece that boasts unparalleled texture and craftsmanship. This timepiece aspires to serve as a personal talisman of luck, bestowing good fortune upon those who wear one and offering a comforting reminder of the enduring spirit of joywisdom, and cultural legacy.
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