4B Watches - The Story

BLACK BY BLUE BRAVE (4B Watches), a fashion watch brand originates in Singapore, was created for the luxury consumers who advocate innovation, possess fashion sense, and pursue independence. They are the trendsetters with cool personalities who know how to appreciate the emerging, quality and artistic watches beyond famous traditional brands. 4B Watches creates an unparalleled, incomparable and irreplaceable style by tactfully fusing various colours, exquisite designs and innovative textures into every watch.

Our watches often appear in major magazines and (they are the choices of famous Asian celebrities – Hannah Quinlivan 昆凌, Angela Chang 张韶涵, Vic Chou 周渝民, Zhu Zhengting 朱正廷, etc.

Along with that, 4B Watches also collaborated with international superstars, such as the world-renowned Korean boy band – BIGBANG, to launch our limited edition 4B X BIGBANG10 ATOZ watch series.


4B implies four inevitable stages of life, and so we are called 4B:

Best friend – Our story start from the best friendship.

Boy friend – And then you become my boyfriend.

Baby's father – In the following days, you are the baby's father

Be forever – Eventually, we will be forever.

We hope that, at every memorable stage of your life, 4B watches could be the gift for your beloved, and for yourself.

4B, for yourself, for you babe.